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CONTROL IS CRUCIAL ON THE WATER. But so is being able to turn at a second's notice. We don't sacrifice one for the other.






In high-speed tournament conditions, you may have to turn on a dime. That's not when you need your hull to list, slip, or skip. And on a SKEETER, we virtually eliminated the possibility. We adhere to NMMA®, Coast Guard, and American Boat & Yacht Council® standards, but that's really just the starting point. We go way beyond them to build a boat you can rely on when you need to.






This critical test is just one example of how we not only adhere to, but exceed our industry's technical practices. The test is conducted by accelerating the boat to its maximum top-end speed, and then sharply turning the steering wheel 180° with no change in settings. The boat passes the test by completing a 90° change in direction without the driver losing confidence in his ability to maintain control. All SKEETER boats have passed at their maximum speed and horsepower ratings.