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Skeeter Boat: ZX190 - 200HP Yamaha HPDI


I suppose you would say I’m an X tournament fisherman now but I still fish the odd event for fun.


I’ve won a few tournaments in my time in ABT, AFC and various comps for Bass, Barra and Golden Perch. I liked the wins (everyone does) but would be probably more proud of my record in big tournaments like grandfinals, AFC & ABT. I seem to fish better when there’s a bit of pressure. I survived 5 years of AFC without being outed and retired gracefully.


I’ve fished in America and Canada and really enjoyed both. Fish species I caught include Sturgeon, Salmon, Trout and a few Bass species. A great place, different fish!


I previously was a freshwater guide for about 5 years chasing Bass and Cod on the QLD dams and in the New England ranges.


I’ve been lucky to have quality sponsors throughout my career like G-Loomis, Shimano, Yamaha, Lowrance & Platypus and I hope I have carried them well and promoted for them with etiquette.


I now import and distribute Jackall Lures in Australia. This takes up most of my time apart from researching and product testing. I really enjoy discovering lures that can make a difference to the way people fish and think about fishing, and to help them catch more, and bigger, fish.


I like fishing for big fish but enjoy catching anything that swims. My favourite fishing is probably Murray Cod on topwater and big fish like Snapper, Barra and Jew etc hopping Transams and masks.


My passion away from Jackall is bowhunting. I’ve taken many species of game in Australia and America. Africa is next I hope.


Skeeter Boats are the best because they are fast, dry, stable, reliable and are simply a quality boat all over.


My Skeeter is rigged with a 200 Yammy HPDI and 2 Lowrance sounders, a HDS8 and a HDS5. I’ve got an 80lb Maxum electric up front and it’s wrapped with a Lowrance / Jackall wrap. It's a great rig and all this is why you should purchase a Skeeter Boat.