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Skeeter Boat: Twin console ZX 190 powered by a 150 HO Etec. Power Pole, HDS 10, HDS 5, LSS.1 Structurescan


Current number 1 ranked ABT BARRA angler, 2010 ABT Northern Barra Angler of the year, 2009 ABT Southern Barra angler of the year, 2007 AFC Barra Angler of the year. ABT BARRA record holder for biggest bag in an event, numerous ABT BARRA victories and top 5 finishes.

“ I have had a passion for fishing all my life. I love catching all species and grew up on South Coast of NSW where I was exposed to a host of opportunities including Bream, Bass, Yellowbelly and Trout, right through to yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna, Yellowtail kings, Billfish, Snapper and everything in between.

After a chance trip to the NT in my very early teens, the mighty Barramundi has become my focal point and passion in my fishing endeavours. They are an awesome sports fish that continually test your thought process and ability.”

“Although I love Barra, often you’ll find me chasing fish from Bream to Dog tooth tuna. I just love fishing basically!”


The build quality and strength of Skeeter boats is second to none. They have been building bass boats longer than any other bass boat manufacturer and their name is synonymous with build quality, strength and cutting edge design. They are pioneers in this field and I couldn’t be happier with my ZX 190.


My ZX 190 doubles as a charter boat and personal fishing platform/tournament boat. It is set up with the latest in sounder technology and high performance two stroke technology. My Powerpole gives me a silent, fast anchoring capability which makes shallow water fishing a breeze, without spooking wary barramundi. My boat is set up perfectly for how I like to fish, the only thing is I didn’t have to set it up, it came like that from the factory!


Skeeter boats were built by fisherman, FOR fisherman. Everything is stored away safe and dry, in easy to reach places. They are fast, incredibly stable and completely dry.


With a vast majority of my fishing done on big, windswept impoundments and harbours my Skeeter gets me to the fish, fast, safe and dry with my gear at arms reach. If you’re looking for a boat to fish dams, harbours and enclosed waters, take a Skeeter for a test drive, you won’t be disappointed!