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Skeeter Boat: Proud owner of a brand new 2011 Skeeter FX20

Ross Cannizzaro started fishing from a tender age of 6 yrs. He developed a passion for lure fishing on the Parramatta river flicking
hard bodies against rock wall edges in a banged up old canoe, until his debut into the tournament scene in 2003. Since then he has been a consistent performer with multiple top 5 positions as an individual and team angler.

His ever growing passion for Bream and his ability to adapt to various conditions are a direct reflection of his results in the
tournament scene as it is increasingly getting harder to compete. Ross feels that this is only the beginning of his career and the best is

yet to come.


With the ever increasing trend of fibreglass bass boats entering the country over the past 5 yrs, in order to stay competitive in the tournament scene it is imperative to stay ahead of the pack. And so my decision to purchase a Skeeter came easy.

Skeeter are the only company in the country to have an Aussie based headquarters which gives you a sense of security and peace of mind that you will receive continued support long after your purchase.

The Skeeter FX series is in a world of it’s own as it has superior handling when it comes to rough conditions (Sydney Harbour) and along with their no chine walk policy adds to the list of safety features. Attention to detail is remarkable from the padded decking, prop storage compartment to the multiple rod lockers and day box just to mention a few.

Skeeter has aligned themselves with the leading brands like Evinrude, Minn Kota & Lowrance which gives you the satisfaction of buying with confidence.

After owning a Skeeter now for 2 yrs I am convinced that these are the best fiberglass Bass Boats on the market & wouldn’t consider anything less.