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ACTUALLY, IT IS ROCKET SCIENCE. AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGY has totally revolutionized not only our designs, but our manufacturing processes. It's an extra something our design team brings to the table. No wonder our boats run and handle so well.


On top of that, we run test after test and get input from customers and dealers both. The results? A boat that keeps you dry in rough water, offers a shallow float, and has fishability you'll find only in a boat designed by fishermen.






INNOVATION - We Simply Build Them Better


Composite one-piece console: From an advanced multi-step, hand-lamination process using fiberglass and resin materials, to the same industry's best ArmorcoatĀ® Technology used on our hulls and decks, the SKEETER Saltwater ZX console is built for fishermen. Each console features an insulated polyethylene baitwell, rod holders, stainless steel handrail, and a rear door for convenient access to batteries and wiring.



Molded combined deck and Floor: The floor is one solid piece. It is composed of a PVC cross-linked foam, sandwiched between layers of fiberglass.


Injection-Molded composite doors: Combining state-of-the-art vacuum-infusion processes and materials with low-emission, environmentally-friendly techniques, the doors on your Saltwater ZX are built tough to protect your gear for years to come. Specialty glass and resins combine with PVC cross-linked foam core to give you

durable hatches that are lightweight, insulated, and highly resistant to impact and corrosion.

Aluminum torque transfer transom & Stringer System: This revolutionary system bonds high-test aircraft structural aluminum to the EX-Cel transom and stringer eliminating hull stress.


EX-cel composites, for the industry's Strongest hull: The transom, stringers and floor utilize aerospace derivatives known as EX-Cel composites, which provide outstanding strength and durability.


Finish that lasts: The polyflake finishes are applied using an exclusive "dry flake" system that allows the flake to be sprayed behind the clear-coat for a lustrous, durable finish that resists migration through the clear gel top coat and lasts longer. Additionally, our premium ArmorcoatĀ® gel coats are exceedingly tough and are considered the best in the industry in regard to weathering and blistering.